cast of characters

First, Pile Records owes a debt of thanks entirely too large to fit in even our largest bag to SpookyTim of StudioSpooky, who did the logos we use on this site and for our favicon. Keep in mind, please, PLEASE, please, though, that he had absolutely nothing to do with how we used those logos, the ways we mangled them in converting their file types, how we designed this site, or how we laid anything out. SpookyTim also designed the cover for one of our first CDR releases, Halaka's Unabridged Discord, as well as the covers for a few earlier Halaka albums. We're not actually sure why he does these things for us. It's really weird.

Now, the people who run Pile Records:

Apertome (Michael Johnson) was one of the two founders. First, he puts his name on things since we others don't have legal names we can actually tell you about. Beyond that, he comes up with ideas, finds musics to release, makes his own musics to release, and rides his bike A LOT.

Fanch was possibly slightly late to the founders day parade, but has been with us since we actually got serious about doing anything with this label. He designs and packages some of our releases, finds or suggests music for release, and knows scary-lots of stuff about lots of things relating to underground (or semi-underground) music. He often hides these knowledges from the rest of us for really long periods of time for no known reason.

Kingo Sleemer was the other of the two founders. He swears he exists, even though very frequently he actually does not. He created this horrible website, wrote a lot of the hard-to-follow text (I think they call it "copy" in the big city,) and does some of the design and layout. I also design and package releases, and talk about myself in the third person randomly because it's hard to tell where "we" end and you begin. I. Someone. I like basements.