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Halaka - Unabridged Discord

printed CDR in deluxe velum and cardstock gatefold sleeve with 4 page color booklet
OR CDR in simple color sleeve

Unabridged Discord, this is the sound a caterpillar... nah, we've already done that. In 2004 a splintering bit of Halaka set out to record an album in a weekend. Nothing that hadn't been done before, except the intention here was to call it finished at the end of the weekend. In 2008, it's finished. Mellow and occasionally in-tune with itself, acoustic guitars, dry throats, tired hands, harmony from long after the fact, a chord organ or three here and there, and various scratching, tapes, records, that echo they can't seem to get away from, with Madhog even making an appearance, this is Halaka like Halaka would be if weekends were four years long.

Catalog #: R-K-0801
Price: $10 - deluxe gatefold packaging
  $6 - simple sleeve
Download/Stream: VBR mp3, flac

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Halaka - Presenting The Making of Shave your Regular Face

printed CDR in cardstock gatefold sleeve

The (discarded?) second audio (commentary?) track from a yet to be released documentary about the making of a yet to be released Halaka documentary/"film". Sound, score, some dialog, music, noise, miscellaneous.

Packaged in mini-LP gatefold sleeve.

Catalog #: R-K-0802
Price: $6
Download: TBA


(The Entire Band in a Can)

Either trying to hide, or struggling to finish... anything, since either 1979, 1982, 1991, or the late 1990s; wallowing so deep in the history of their past or the past of their future or the melancholy of their false-colored memories; loose thread ends slap hard as they tangle on the spindle, occasionally a lucid moment of drone, but usually so much is punctuated by the voices, the noises, the faulty connections and the broken strings. Halaka in an incomplete sentence. Not doing anything recently, that swallowing ever more distant past consuming.

Catalog #: 8
Price: Negotiable
Download: Doubt that would work.

god.screaming.breathing - A New Experimental Life

(CDR in handmade digi-pack)

Reissue of gsb's 2002 album, comes in one-of-a-kind handmade digi-pack. Digi-packs are made from old record jackets, so each copy will be unique. Each cd comes with a 3 page booklet the is fastened to the outer cover with 4mm eyelets. These may be black, gold, silver, or other assorted colors. Booklet may be printed on white or colored cardstock. Booklets are hand numbered and dated on the day they are completed. White printable cd is hand stamped and is held in a clear plastic digi-pack tray. This release is made-to-order so please allow extra time to ship. Take a look at photos of the 1st copy to get an idea what yours may look like. Again, please note that each copy is made out of different record jackets, so the package you receive will look different than the one in the photos. Pile Records: Where redundant is never enough, because saying things again doesn't cut it.

Catalog #: TBA
Price: $11
Download: TBA

Halaka - The Voice Over the Intercom Says Hello

(CDR in cardstock sleeve)

Catalog #: R-F-0801
Price: $6
Download: TBA

Halaka - Diluted Years Concentrate

printed CDR in odd cardstock sleeve

A suite of songs, sound, and noise in 2 tracks that are really just one. Released in 2004 as a limited CDR, then forgotten. Original working title was "The Years Are Gradually Breaking My Concentration". That title was scrapped as it was stolen from an earlier fan-club only box set release. This version is from a master dated 8.31.03. Each track is a "side." Both generally appear on the same side of the CD-R. It sounds a bit like a political piece at times, except that it doesn't. First side more song-oriented (loosely; the songs overlap and overlay to a great degree), second side more ambient.

Catalog #: R-K-0901
Price: $6
Stream/Download: (flac/ogg/mp3)

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Apertome - Elements

(CDR in Special Digipack Sleeve)

Catalog #: TBA
Price: TBA
Download: TBA

Egac - Condensed Sketches of a Plaid Universe


Since Egac knows he can't be all things to all people, he's been, at least until Pile Records got a hold of him, trying to be all things to no people. Now that his music is seeing some distribution, he aims to be some things to no people. Cigar boxes. Bubble wrap. Showers. CD Spindles. Pens. Potato chips. Spoons. Guitars. Harmonicas. Voices. These are all instruments of Egac. Pure, unedited music however it comes out, played with whatever happens to be laying around -- occasionally tempered with blasts of classical angst or slices of sophisticated punk music. Because, as Egac says, "It doesn't matter what you've said, only that you've said it."

Catalog #: TBA
Price: TBA
Download: TBA

The Discard Pile

This is a semi-random collection of one-offs, rarities, dysfunctions, and left-overs. Once they're gone they're gone. Or not. Grab bag? Tuna can. We'll put what we want, here, you'll buy it or order it for your cousin (you know, the one?) on Valentine's day. This is where it gets weird, where the pile puts itself in Pile Records, and it's called the Discard Pile because "imprint" is just a word that doesn't make any sense when everything is DIY anyway.

Halaka - Listen

(original cassette odd-numbered series)

Upfront - this is horrible. You're not going to want to listen. This was never supposed to be distributed this way, but somehow a few copies of the original cassette series have been found in a box.

From an email: "The process was something other. Source material from original recordings was mixed on the fly with another set of source material from various other sessions onto a cassette. Mixing was basically stereo, material A in left, material B in right. Basically. Numbers 1 and 3 were created this way. Odd numbers from there up were created with the previous two versions as source material, mixing the same way as the original two, except that now occasionally some of the original source was mixed in for good measure. So #5 is something like #1 in the left channel, #3 in the right, and some additional shit throughout. Photocopies and data loss and degradation. The source material probably deserves better than this."

Not to be confused with a CDR release of the same name available for the first time exclusively from us in a... soon. Some of the source material is the same, but these are completely different animals. This cassette version sounds like the cassette's been in the engine block of a bus for a couple of months (you know, if that wouldn't really just melt the cassette thing, which would leave it sounding like nothing unless you've got some really bizarre cassette player.)

The reason for the 20 dollar price tag - there are 3 of these left, numbers 21, 23 (pictured), and 25. I think basically I don't want to get rid of them, in case we decide to continue (we'd need 23 and 25 to do that.) But we probably won't do that, and we can't find the equipment, so if you're really nuts, here ya go.

Catalog #: C-K-0601
Price: $20

Are you Best?


If you want to hear what Halaka supposedly sounded like when they were Motherload, this is probably as close as we've got. This is another very limited edition cassette release.

From the insert: "In January of 2001 Halaka received word that a film-maker and motherload fan from Portland, Oregon was interested in hiring Motherload to record music for an independent film he had made. Halaka hadn’t been Motherload in almost 20 years, but for some reason they agreed to watch the film and record something for it. “Are You Best?” contains some of the material that the band recorded after they’d watched the tape they’d received in the mail. All of it was improvised and recorded in the studio on the same day. The rip-off indie punk spirit of Motherload is obvious in the resulting music. Some of this material was used for the film, the rest is being released as a limited edition cassette in case someone is, for some reason, interested. As motherload was primarily a DIY cassette/vinyl band, the format is meant to continue that spirit."

Catalog #: C-K-0401
Price: $5
Download: n/a

Halaka - Live from the Shoe Hospital

(mp3 "business card" CDR in whatever we wanna send it in)

Recorded live in a little bedroom overlooking a guy with a satchel and another guy with a bucket. Although this has been (and will be) available for online download, there's something special about getting all of the data on a... there's nothing special about it at all, really. But it's here, so you can order it if you want. We'll do something special with the packaging. If you send us more money than we're asking, we'll make the packaging even more special.

Let us know if you'd prefer ogg files to mp3 files. Or if you'd like a print out of the 0s and 1s. Condensed. Or anything like that.

Catalog #: D-K-0803
Price: $3
Download: TBA

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