A word on the Cases, Covers, Artwork, and Presentation of Pile Records Releases:

Pile Records releases are packaged in hand-crafted cases designed to decorate airplanes, high-rise apartments overlooking cities, dilapidated sheds in the woods, or basements where all the other stuff collects. The idea is that the medium counts for something; we don't want you simply to open the thing up, rip the CD to an ipod, and throw the case in the trash. If you want nothing more than tracks for your ipods, you can download them. We don't do DRM, we don't care if you make copies for your friends (some of our artists prefer that you do,) and we offer some of the material for download here, and others you can follow links to download. But we think what we offer is worth having for more reasons than just the contents. We hope that what we send you is something you'll want to keep.

On the other hand, who are we trying to kid? You're buying music. We release music we think deserves to be heard, and we want the packaging to reflect that. If you want to buy it to support the artists, and support what we do, and then still decide to throw the packaging away -- that's fine. We've heard stories that there are actually people out there who don't like to have physical things cluttering up their space, their apartments, their dorm rooms, or their homes, who don't want piles and stacks of stuff falling on them when they move. Sounds like utter gibberish to us, but still... if those people exist, and can't find their ways clear to displaying the cases and packaging as the art that we pretend that it is, we're not going to know the difference. We don't bug these things, after all. Seriously. There's no secret recording or transmitting devices in ANY of the things we're sending you. As much as that'd make for a great release. We respect your right to be free of clutter. Fine. Whatever.

Well yes, if we could actually figure out a way to send something to you that would record everything that's happening around it

from the moment you open it up, and then relay the resulting recording back to Pile Records central, we'd probably do that. We'd also not want to tell you we were doing that, because then you might be tempted to put on some kind of a show immediately after opening the package. Don't do that.

It's actually fine if you want to do that, but we won't know about. We absolutely can not figure out a way cheap enough to make that work. Don't send us inquiries asking about whether we have releases of recordings of previous customers opening their CDRs or cassettes or whatever. We don't have those releases. We're not sure what the legality would be, anyway, but even if we knew it'd be legal to release that kind of thing based on the fact that we've actually sort of hinted that that might be the case with the small print on our website, we just can't afford it and we're not doing that and we don't have that.

If you've actually done something like that yourself and want us to release the results as part of our Discards Pile imprint, you could email us. Or send us a real letter in the actual mail. Actual mail is great. We, or some of us, like paper. We like stationery, and pens, and little pieces of paper folded up in pockets. We also like boxes, even boxes so small that there's no possible reason to have the box because you can't really keep anything in it and if you do have something small enough to keep in it why would you need to keep it in its own little box like that? We would like to think that you, the buying public, are just like that. But we don't actually know that, nor do we mean to imply that the material we're releasing wouldn't be worth buying even on a sloppy, hand-labeled CDR. Because it would. But that wouldn't be any fun for us. At all. That's fucking boring, just burning shit on CDRs and writing on them with a Sharpie. Ever do that for hours in a row? Man. Sucks.

(Fine Print: Not all releases from Pile Records are created equal. The presentation and the music inside have a lot to do with each other. Some of the albums we release by some of the artists are raw and barely held together; we're not called Pile Records for nothing, after all. Even so, we strive to present all of our releases in a way that shows that we care about what we're doing.)